Outsourcing HR – BPO

The increase in market requirements causes a growing interest in HR outsourcing. We respond to these expectations.

BPO, or Business Process Outsourcing is a method of subcontracting operations to another company. By letting our specialists handle the most important administrative tasks for you, you will be able to automate all HR and payroll processes, save time and money.

We react to the growing demand of companies for cloud solutions. We offer a dedicated computing center that allows you to quickly process and manage data from anywhere without having to invest in your own software.

Priceless knowledge about the market, knowledge of HR and ERP solutions and the use of advanced technologies translate into services of the highest quality provided on favorable conditions for you – regardless of the scope of activities.


Our solutions.
Your security

Both our software and the data center in which we store our systems guarantee:

  • full confidentiality of data,
  • maximum security of all processes,
  • encryption of correspondence between employees in end-to-end mode thanks to UseCrypt Messenger.

Always on time

We meet deadlines for payroll as well as filing tax returns. Always.

The Employee e-File is a platform that collects information about deadlines of services and declarations in one place. Access to the platform is possible from anywhere, not only from the office.

Performance and
efficiency reports

Are you still creating financial reports in Excel? Do you use pivot tables to compare employee performance? It’s time to change it! Thanks to our employee portal, you can automatically generate:

  • reports for company owners and the management,
  • lists, including absence lists,
  • employee reports,
  • financial reports.

“If you want to go somewhere, it’s best to find someone who has already arrived there.”

– Robert Kiyosak


Our system gives you the possibility to fully archive all documents of your company. Each document can be easily and quickly entered into the archives. Even those that were previously kept in paper form. All data is saved when archiving.

We will collect, organize and segregate your documents into folders and catalogs. Then, we will provide you with the entire archive guaranteeing quick access.


Our specialists are fully involved in the process of calculating wages.

We take care of punctuality, we ensure data confidentiality, we reduce costs and minimize the risk of any errors related to the process.



Keeping and storing personal employees’ files is not the most exciting activity.

Thanks to HRO +, all HR administration processes will be managed reliably and professionally, and you will be sure that they all run smoothly.



How much time do your employees need to forget about the paper circulation of hundreds of applications, which often get lost somewhere along the way to the HR department? Exactly how much it will take to implement the employee portal. So not too long!

With one quick login, your employees can manage the flow of their documents themselves.


Quality improvement
– audit


Identifying areas for improvement

We begin cooperation with the client by conducting a personnel and payroll audit.

By choosing our audit, you receive a professional assessment of documentation correctness, a comprehensive assessment of the need for improvement and irreplaceable knowledge of the actual state of your documentation.


Constant support from experts

All support services are provided by our team of high-class specialists who are ready to assist you at any time. Consultations are free and unlimited in time.

Consultations that require technical knowledge are supported by our developers and their extensive expertise.


Always up to date

To be able to guarantee our clients the highest quality of services and consultations – we are always up to date with any changes in regulations and procedures.

For this purpose, we also strive to constantly improve our qualifications through participation in numerous trainings. This helps us meet all needs and expectations of our clients.


We will hire the best
employees quickly

Behind the success of the company, there are always people who build it. For many employers, creating a team that will achieve great results can be quite a challenge. That is why we support them by offering comprehensive recruitment services in acquiring high-class specialists both in Poland and abroad.

We recruit specialists

Regardless of the industry or career level of the candidate, you can count on our experience and professional assistance in recruiting experts – not people who are just looking for any job. In addition, both our clients and candidates are our partners. Trust us, we’ve got what it takes!

Quickly and effectively

Our experience allows you to quickly and precisely determine the optimal profile of the candidate ideally suited to the needs of your company. We ask the right questions, verify knowledge and select. We reach active as well as passive candidates. All this with one aim – to minimize the recruitment time. Your time is important to us!